Charm Collection

Decorative refinement

The classic style is defined by symmetry, balance and brilliance. The “warm” chromatics, in shades of beige, cream, gold and silver, come to define the famous style. The pendant lamps and chandeliers under the classic design, bring light to the room, emphasizing brightness and style.

All products in the collection: Charm

Pendant lamp BULBS SP7 gold & transparent

1.750,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp ANGELINA PL5 amber & gold

1.710,00 lei (VAT included)

Table lamp KLASS TL1 gold

460,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp COLUMBUS PL4 chrome

1.420,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp COLUMBUS PL4 chrome & gold

1.550,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp EXPLOSIVE PL3 gold & white

2.010,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp FOREST PL5 chrome

1.460,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp GLOW PL6 matt white

1.830,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp KLASS PL5 gold

1.670,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp MAJESTIC PL3 chrome

1.200,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp MAJESTIC PL5 chrome

1.870,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp MINERVA PL5 metallized rose

2.060,00 lei (VAT included)

Ceiling lamp ORCHIDE PL5 smoke & chrome

1.790,00 lei (VAT included)

Floor lamp KLASS PT3 gold

1.430,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp ANGELINA SP5 amber & gold

1.920,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp BULBS SP7 bronze & amber

1.750,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp BULBS SP7 chrome & smoke

1.750,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp ESMOND SP12 chrome & transparent

4.660,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp ESMOND SP3 chrome & transparent

1.270,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp ESMOND SP5 chrome & transparent

2.090,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp FOREST SP1 chrome & transparent

530,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp FOREST SP5 chrome

1.630,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp HONEY SP7 amber & chrome

2.110,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp KLASS SP4 gold

1.400,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp MINERVA SP5 metallized rose

2.250,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp ORCHIDE SP5 smoke & chrome

2.070,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp RAIN SP1 amber & chrome

1.080,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp RAIN SP1 silver smoke

1.020,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp STARS SP1 amber & copper

760,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp STARS SP1 smoke & silver

760,00 lei (VAT included)

Pendant lamp STARS SP1 white & chrome

720,00 lei (VAT included)

Wall lamp ESMOND AP1 chrome & transparent

540,00 lei (VAT included)

Wall lamp EXPLOSIVE AP1 gold & white

930,00 lei (VAT included)

Wall lamp FOREST AP1 chrome & transparent

330,00 lei (VAT included)

Wall lamp KLASS AP1 gold

360,00 lei (VAT included)