Unique is the contemporary brand that takes the success story forward.
It is a young brand at the beginning of the road, a part of Klausen family of brands.

Klausen Exim company founded in 1994, is one of the main distributors of lighting products in Romania. The product portfolio includes over 2000 articles gathered under the dome of the 2 brands KLAUSEN and UNIQUE.

The Unique concept is the “voice” of the XXI century, a trend defined by uniqueness, elegance, refinement, complexity and joviality. It covers a wide range of lighting items from pendant lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lamps, table and floor lamps ideal for your home but also for your business (office, hotel, etc.).




The items fully assume their role, providing light to any room, while giving it a personal touch, integrating in the classic, modern or contemporary designs through distinct design notes.

Quality materials, the shape of the items and their utility make these indispensable lighting fixtures a must have on the long run.

Unique inspires you to choose different lighting objects, which tell a story, which have attitude and design, and also give a pleasant light.

The idea from which the Unique brand came to life is a simple one but at the same time very complex. The desire to offer our customers a unique and memorable, relaxing experience, full of charm every time they enjoy ideal moments in their homes, led to the creation of the Unique brand.

Our young, creative and talented team responsible for choosing the lighting items in each collection, with a passionate attention to detail, ensures that each product has an innovative design, superior quality and low energy consumption, and thus we offer our customers products and exceptional services.



Creating the interior design for your perfect home is hard work, but finding the perfect lighting items should be very easy. With a selection of elegant models, carefully considered details and a variety of contemporary, versatile finishes, Unique makes your choice simple and affordable and thus brings your dream home to life.


We choose and combine simple but refined pieces, made of quality materials, to offer you the lighting that will improve your space in the coming years. From outstanding finishes to ease of installation, we pay attention to every detail – we want you to love our lighting items, just as much as we love to select and create the collections. We look at the expressiveness of the designs, at the price affordability, we analyze the technical performance of the lighting fixtures we are going to import, with the purpose of creating a impressive collection.


It is important for us not only to offer great products, but for them to be made responsibly. To ensure that our lighting products are ethically produced, that they meet safety and quality criteria, we carry out regular inspections directly at the factory. Energy efficiency is another factor that we consider and recommend that our products be used with LED bulbs. It offers you all the advantages of efficient, safe and economical use. This way, we make sure that you can buy our products with confidence.


Our passionate attention to detail doesn’t stop with our products: we are proud to offer you a perfect experience from start to finish. Our in-house team provides enthusiastic and thorough customer support services, from order requests, returns – even installation tips – to make sure you have a seamless experience.

We are proud of our collections and we are honored that our pieces will light up your home.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Unique lighting!