From our desire to be as close to you as possible, we decided to create a space that allows the exhibition and presentation of our Unique collections, in a unique atmosphere.

In the Unique showroom, which was inaugurated in October 2020, you will have a unique experience: you can view bold and sophisticated lamps, browse the collection catalogs, and you will meet our specialists who will explain you where the best light comes from and how to get it.

Unique is not only a showroom, it is also a space of inspiration for architects and designers, a place for people passionate about all that is beautiful, eager to create unique atmospheres in their own style.

Unique inspires you to choose different lighting objects, which tell you a story, which have attitude and design, which give a pleasant light and consume very little electricity.

In our showroom you will have an unforgettable experience and at the same time you will enter the fascinating world of light!

Unique is your style!

More images from our showroom: