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UpArt Hotel – elegance and comfort in a Borodi Design style

A relatively new concept on the Romanian market, the aparthotel combines the hospitality services offered by the hotel industry with the emphasis on privacy and personalization of the living space.

Thus, each apartment in the UpArt Hotel project, signed by Borodi Design, has unique elements, a distinct personality, but also the common features given by good taste, artistic inspiration, quality materials used in the arrangement.

For the first apartment presented, Borodi Design chose the inspiration of the art deco style, wanting to create a luxurious, glam atmosphere, underlined by the details of brass and ribbed glass, clear geometric shapes.

The chromatics used play an important role, using bold, high-impact shades, precisely to highlight the specific elements of the art deco style.

The Gamoni chairs fit perfectly with the intended atmosphere, and the lighting fixures from Unique Lighting, respectively the Veros pendant lamp and Whistle wall lamp put the whole design in the most favorable light.

The second apartment has an edgy concept, where a play of rounded shapes predominates.

Being an apartment with a single open space (it does not have a separate bedroom) the partition formed by mirrors plays an important role in delimiting the spaces.

The kitchen furniture is an interesting combination of materials: perforated metal sheet front, metal frame and terrazzo composite countertop (which can also be found in the dining area).

The milling on the TV body brings back the curved lines, and the bodies at the entrance are accessorized with semi-round wooden slats – small details that make this concept unique and harmonious.

The dining area is designed in the form of a bar, with a high table in an interesting shape, above which is placed the Rey SP4 suspension from Unique Lighting. Also, there is a nice detail, the blackboard wall, where guests can leave messages.

To break the monotony of gray furniture, Borodi Design opted for vibrant shades of navy blue and pink. The chairs are from Gamoni, and the lighting fixtures in the kitchen and hallway are from Unique Lighting (Passage 5 model).

To find out more details about the collaborators who contributed to the creation of UpArt Hotel:

Borodi Design – facebook.com/borodidesign

Unique Lighting – uniquebyklausen.com

Gamoni – gamoni.ro

Borodi Construct Select – borodiconstructselect.ro/en/

For more inspiration, visit the Unique by Klausen website!


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