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Let Spring in your home. Small changes for a bright atmosphere.

Even if spring is so late in coming, we can use a few interior design tricks to give our home a fresher and more optimistic atmosphere.

1. More light

Natural light makes us feel well, and it is associated with vitality and energy. So make room for light in your home, opting for sheer curtains and curtains in light colors. Check out you lighting fixtures to see if they have all the necessary lighting sources, if the bulbs give the same type of light, and if not it would be great if you can replace them.

2. Green. Let Nature inside

Indoor plants contribute to the comfort of a room and the health of the air in the house. Invite nature indoors, with arrangements of natural, green plants or decorative flowers. You can create unique and charming combinations with hanging pots and lighting fixtures.

3. Color accents in vibrant tones

Because the theme is spring, the right color can be interpreted in several ways: delicate pastels or bursts of color in tune with the fields of tulips. You just have to pay attention to the proportions and to keep a direction of association: harmony or contrast. To highlight the new decorations, opt for a pendant lamp or a table lamp suitable for the style of arrangement you choose.

4. Walls with personality

New goals or aspirations for this year? Precious memories, which do you want closer? If the answer is yes, then you can turn the walls into a photo or art gallery, or an inspirational mood-board. Choose frames of different sizes to give dynamism to the composition and emphasize the light on your favorite pieces, using lighting fixtures for paintings.

5. Chic minimalism

After the rich winter decorations has left the scene, spring naturally comes with a stylistic detox. For a more airy atmosphere and to benefit from more space in the house, we recommend the use of minimalist style decor objects, color schemes in which neutral colors (gray, beige) or non-colors have a significant weight.

The lighting fixtures presented in the images above are part of Unique Lighting portfolio, the contemporary brand that aims to bring lighting to the rank of art, at affordable prices and in quality conditions. You can find more inspiration on the Unique by klausen website.

The romanian version of the article can also be viewed in Casa şi grădina on the link https://www.casa-gradina.ro/primavara-in-casa-ta-mici-schimbari-pentru-o-atmosfera-luminoasa


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