If the product you purchased online from staging.uniquebyklausen.com is defective or no longer works, but is still under warranty, we will ensure the repair, or it’s replacement if the product cannot be repaired, free of charge.

Steps to follow:

  • make sure that the defect is not caused by improper installation, maintenance or misuse (see instructions on the warranty certificate).
  • the product defects do not refer to aesthetic criterias like broken or cracked lampshade, blows, etc.
  • complete and submit the Product Repair Form (under warranty).
  • a Klausen representative will contact you to arrange the pick up of the defective product by courier, free of charge, or if you are from Cluj-Napoca, the delivery of the product to our showroom.
  • after the product reaches our warehouse (you can track the delivery status on the AWB), the malfunction will be recorded and within 15 working days, the case will be resolved by repair or replacement, free of charge.
  • if, based on the analysis, it is found that the defect is not covered by the warranty, due to installation, maintenance or use defects, we will provide you with the following information: whether the product can be repaired, the costs and duration of repair. You can choose to have the repairs done by Klausen or the return of the product, but in this case the return shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

Products returned to the Service Department must be complete, containing all parts/accessories (we recommend to ship them in the original packaging or appropriate packaging) and accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice, and the warranty certificate that comes with the product. In the event that the warranty claim is unjustified and the product works according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the applicant will pay the transport costs, as well as the diagnosing the product costs, established by the authorized service unit after verification.

If the malfunctioning product is not under warranty, you can contact us (Product Repair Form) to make an estimate of the possibility of repair, costs and duration of the intervention.